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Monday, July 7, 2008

Picture my Pain.....

Perfect and true
Pure in all your ways
O Lord, there is none else like you, no one like you
And all these things keep me in awe of you
i'm sooo overwhelmed that you would call me friend

Peep me I take this shit deeply...

Theres gonna be some stuff that your gonna see
That's gonna make it hard to smile in the future
But whatever you see through all the rain and pain
You gotta keep a sense of humor
Gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit
Remember that

~~ Just keep ya head up ~~

I was Born with less but Im still precious!!!!!
and I Look back on childhood memories
And I'm still feelin' the pain
If you dont have a focused life it will drive you insane...
Fuck the world...well sometimes lol
sick of all the Un-answered questions that keep us all stressin
Will I be smothered by my own pain?
Strange wisdoms...Lost and crazy...Scared to drop a seed
Hopin I ain't cursed my baby!!

Picture my pain

Embrace my words

Make the world change

And still I smile

2Pac...I wish people understood him better....

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