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Thursday, July 3, 2008

~Happy 4th of July Blogheads!!!~

Im so happy that I have a 3 day weekend...Just got better from a bad tummy flu..smh anyway im not just happy that it a 3 day weekend...ha! but i also am aware of this monumental occasion in American history. To be honest Thats not the 1st thing that comes to mind when july 4th rolls around...I dont think thats sad do you?.lol. I know it has something to do with the America getting split from Britain's rule and the beginning of the american revolution and ahh the freaking declaration of independance was signed on that day...I guess I would know more if i went to school in Philly!! {{that was a joke}} Well i cant wait to get off....We might take nisey to the beach to see the fireworks...that would be another nice experience for her. One of my friends gave birth this week and I loveee babies!! Its such a blessing for a woman to give birth and the kids are born into this world not aware of the negative things.. and they will have alot of experience to gain. I think good judgement comes from experience but most of the time experience comes from bad judgement...amen! You can tell your kids so much info that it fills their head, but what is all that worth without experience...word of the day!!!! hahahaha. When i was young my people told me alot of shit...and it made sense at that time i just did not care enough to understand the real will never fully understand certain things til your in the shoes of that feel me? the years teach us alot that the days never knew! I hope everybody is safe this weekend and enjoy!!!
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