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Thursday, June 26, 2008


I think its nice that five of the eight finalists were Jamaican by birth or descent. Hottt I rep my country to the max of course...obviously im from Jamaica...My mother chinese Jamaican. My Father full blown Jamaican....So now my daughter is american.jamaican.trini.chinses (trini because of her father) a little of
.... dont you just hate stupid people who say things that they dont have a clue about i lost count of how many stupid questions people use to ask me about Jamaicans when i was elll why do you guys eat goat? or why yall chicken green?.....smhh but then again If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? I mean...come on....stupid people make me mad...just think logical please u feel me... being a smartie or a genius ain't anything more than elegant common sense!!!!! but i guess common sense aint so common...Is it safe to say I not only use all the brains that I have but all that I can borrow...well I think its safe and real shit! Wisdom begins at the end....It took me awhile to understand things and to speak my mind....i never use to do that and people assume that i had no sense in my head...its funny how people or FAMILY think they know you or think less of you until you open your mouth and utter one word! smhh When I look life in the face...which i turned away from for a number of years it told me the truth and for this fair exchange was my youth.......somebody told me that the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing at all...I laughed. Read this artical below...enjoy the pics..keep post god bless!!!

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Asafa Powell, until recently the World's Fastest Man, isn't even the fastest man on his island now. That's what happens when you're a Jamaican sprinter: No matter how fast you are, there's some kid running uphill in the Blue Mountains, training on the spectacular beaches, hungry to replace you as the next national hero.

Usain Bolt, 21 and six-foot-five, last month ran 100 meters in 9.72 seconds, breaking Powell's world record of 9.74 set in September 2007. Powell and Bolt hold seven of the 10 fastest recognized times over 100 meters. This weekend, they go head-to-head for the first time at that distance at the Jamaican Olympic Track and Field Trials in Kingston. It promises to be a sizzling showdown, one that has drawn media-credential requests from England, the United States, Japan, Italy, France, and all over the Caribbean.

It's almost as if the Beijing Olympic organizers should cancel the 100-meter men's final, pay for the United States' Tyson Gay to fly to Jamaica and award the Olympic gold medal there this weekend.

Powell added a spark to the race when he said on Sunday: ``Bolt is my main rival. It's great how all the Caribbean runners are doing -- Darrel Brown and Marc Burns of Trinidad, and Usain Bolt. Tyson Gay is the only person outside the Caribbean who can challenge us right now.''


Jamaica, with a population of fewer than 3 million, has produced a remarkable number of Olympic track medals -- seven golds, 24 silvers, 19 bronzes. In the 100-meter final at the 1984 Olympics, five of the eight finalists were Jamaican by birth or descent.

The Jamaican medalist list reads like a track-and-field Who's Who: Arthur Wint; Herbert McKenley; Lennox Miller; Donald Quarrie; George Rhoden; Merlene Ottey; Sanya Richards and Veronica Campbell-Brown, who recently ran the world's fastest time in the women's 100 meters.

Then there's Donovan Bailey and Ben Johnson, who were born in Jamaica but raced for Canada. And Linford Christie, who left Jamaica for England at age 7.

''We have a tremendous sprinting tradition, dating back 100 years, and kids who grow up here develop a deep passion for the sport,'' said Bolt's coach, Glen Mills. ``Soccer is probably our most popular sport, but track and field is right behind it, and from an international achievement standpoint, it's No. 1. I'd guess we win more Olympic track medals per capita than any other country.''


Jamaica's success in the sport is no accident. It is the product of a well-oiled national track federation that begins to groom sprinters from the time they are in elementary school. Children as young as 6 compete in relay races and mini-Olympics.

Surely, there is no high school track meet in the world as competitive as CHAMPS, the Jamaican interscholastic championship, founded in 1910. More than 2,000 athletes compete in the annual spring event, and it attracts a sellout crowd of 35,000. Coaches from most of the top U.S. colleges show up to recruit.

''It's a wild atmosphere at CHAMPS,'' said Davian Clarke, a former University of Miami runner and Olympian from Jamaica. ``For three days the stadium is packed, standing room only.''

In 1911, the 100-yards CHAMPS winner was a young man named Norman Manley, who won the race in 10 seconds. He also won at 220 yards in 23 seconds, which would have been good enough to have made the finals in the 1908 and 1912 Olympics. But Manley chose not to pursue track. Instead, he became a Rhodes Scholar and a statesman. The Kingston airport is named after him.


The tradition continued, and Jamaica got the world's attention in the late 1940s. In 1948 and 1952, while still a British colony, Jamaica won three Olympic gold medals and five silvers in track and field.

The Jamaican 4x400 relay team in 1952 not only won, but shattered the world record by 4.3 seconds. McKenley ran the third leg in 44.6 seconds, still one of the fastest legs of all time.

They celebrated in their dorm room that night by drinking whiskey out of a toothbrush tumbler with the Duke of Edinburgh, according to Olympic historian David Wallechinsky. The next day was declared a national holiday in Jamaica, and fans celebrated in the streets.

Jamaican track champions are still revered on the island. When Bolt flew back after breaking the world record, he was met at the airport by a throng of screaming fans and TV crews. The prime minister was on hand, too.


Jamaica's young sprinters also are celebrated every year at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia, which the Jamaican team has dominated since the 1960s.

The top Jamaican high-school and amateur runners show up at the meet every year and fans fly up from Jamaica to wave black, gold, and green flags from the stands.

''In our country, the top athletes typically leave track early and go to football or basketball, but in Jamaica, they stick with track and become huge stars,'' said UM track and field coach Mike Ward. ``. . . They take their track seriously.''

Clark said Jamaica's terrain makes it the perfect training ground for sprinters. Kids run barefoot on the beaches of Bull Bay to strengthen their legs and then train in the mountains to work on endurance.

Many of the best sprinters train on grass tracks, which are not as hard on the knees and legs.

''We don't need fancy weight rooms or expensive tracks,'' Clark said. ``The goal of every kid I knew in Jamaica was to become an Olympic track champion. We love our cricket and soccer, but there is something very special about Jamaican track and field. I think there are six high-school kids there now who ran [the 100 meters] in 10-flat last year. I can't imagine that's happening anywhere else in the world.''
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Monday, June 23, 2008

[Beach Day]

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This weekend was so nice, We took nisey to her 1st beach trip...omg she had madd fun...dont like the sun that much but it was my tan how it my lovieface was not trying to lose his lightskin
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despite the weather we made the best of soon as we left it started to rain,,,then later took shower madd sand in places like im ten years old again lol....but the beach water makes my skin very dry had to double up on that good palmers cocobutta that day...Then We chilled by jahwhite house nice and warm lights down scary movie popcorn with peanut m&m....while it was pouring outside..took a nap and felt soo nice. Sunday was the same it was family time chilled in the house watched one of the barbie movies with denise for the 4th time in a row...Anything for her of course....Family is very important to me now it never really was before but i guess now that i have one for myself it means so much more...I love spending time with my daughter she smells like candy and baby lotion
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic nothing is more memorable than a smell...hehehe every scent gives me some form of recall or some kind of reminiscence of something...Like the smell of ackee and saltfish instant remind of living at home with my parents eating that every sunday morning...{{sigh}} anyhoot I was thinking how this environment is and how we have to fight our own government to save it...smhhhhhhhh well nature does nothing uselessly so it sucks that we kinda pollute well we do pollute...heheh sad but i think that nature is on the bottom list of the USA things to change or try to fix...i also love when its nice outside not too hot but sunny and pretty just sit back enjoy that refreshment...Thanks readers out there showing me love but dont be shy make a post instead of a private about 15 messages but all private....god bless.... about to leave work....keep posted
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

{{Old blogs from myspace}}

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Every good and perfect gift is from above....







******THE 1ST TRIMESTER*****
Im not gonna lie I was soooo afraid when I found out I was pregnant,,,geezzz but things got better through the weeks and I started to wonder what you will look like, how it will feel to hold you in my arms, what kind of chages the next months will bring. There is so much I don't know, and yet I already know I love you with all my heart....

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Now that Im not sick every darn day now I start to feel much better and I don't really feel like ur in there but I know you are because it starts out like the flutter of a butterfly's wing...and I think, then I know, its u...My precious, miraculous baby. hehe love you baby Denise... we came up with your name during this time...

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****THE 3RD TRIMESTER**** things are getting alittle too hard to handle...I think its safe to say being pregnant too much back and leg pains.. false trips to the hospital...yet I can hardly wait to meet kiss the top of your snuggle you let you know you'll always be warm, safe and loved. I can hardly wait to be your mom.

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YoU kNoW yOuR PrEgNaNt WhEn.......
You know you're pregnant when...-GE commercials make you cry (well actually, everything makes you cry)-You are awake more during the night than asleep-You have to rock back and forth a few times to get yourself OUT of a chair- You wake up one morning and swear that your home has been broken into because the toilet and the dryer are suddenly shorter than ever and the washing machine has grown a foot deeper!-Show up at Subway Sandwiches at 9:05pm and their closed and you start crying b/c you just had to have a foot long steak and cheese and nothing else will do, and the workers stare at you thru the window like deer caught in the headlights and you wish you were the hunter.-You suddenly have to figure out how you are going to bend over and pick up what you just dropped.-People look in your desk for something important and all they find is snacks!-Getting in and out of bed requires a three point turn.-Your bed now has so manypillows for propping up and supporting body parts that there is no room left for DH (husband)
-You can't make it through an episode of "A Baby Story" without crying your eyes out.- as soon as you eat breakfast you start wondering what your gonna eat for lunch-You cry at the grocery store after you check out realizing you forgot Fritos, which is what you came for, and getting them for free because the clerk feels bad.-when you get back to work and realize you no longer want the fritos you just cries over at the store-You start out crying and end up laughing your head off...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Geez.....40 weeks is too long to be pregnant....I feel like I been this way for a year...the 1st few months went by so fast, but now it seems like the last weeks are seemingly endless. I feel her all the time and I can even make out if its her little arms, legs, or head that is poking me. In the last week Ive been feeling really very annoyed, broken-down, fatigued, and enervated. To sum all that up.....fed up!!! I know it will be worth it in the end and all, but I just been having a bad case of baby god bless and keep posted...........

Saturday, January 07, 2006

To whom this may concern..........Well Im having a baby happy, we came up with the name Denise. Alot of people don't like it but i told them that when they create a child they can name him/her whatever they want. Last time I checked its not them that was being named, anyway its 2006 now, I don't have a resolution because im 22 turning 23 this year I grew up already, so there is no need to change who i am or what Ive been doing....I see that alot of people are always saying nonsensical things like "Get cha cake up" or my favorite "step ya shoe game up" are u serious......hey here is one you should say..."Get ya life up" because there is more to life than what yall be talking word (materialistic)... that is the only things on some people minds....the ignorance youth, obviously thats the only responsibilty that they have, unlike most I pay mortgage and bills for where I live, but then I should give them the benefit of the doubt that they are young, hey I use to be like that too, And not to mention I have a baby coming so my extra money will be going into her and her future. I never been this jubilant, now that Im pregnant I can't wait til we can hold her in our arms,,,I know my boyfriend is going to be so crazy when Im in labor..I can see his face well 3 more months til we see our baby girl!!! stay up everybody, and read the bible it says so many things about the altered people in this world...God Bless, keep posted

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I know things happen in life for a reason but lets be real that does not make us forget that we are sad and keep on moving does it.....You just gotta be strong...I keep telling myself that but it just does not budge in my matter how hard I try. God should have made us more mutinous to the negative things that come up in life. Being despondent is so familiar to my brain that it should be a 6th sad but true....well this is 2005 going on to 2006 and I know we all came to a development that prayin just is not biologic to all our ifs, ands, or buts about it...and that only time will be our alleviation to the source in which we sorrow.............keep posted and god bless

"If you know the enemy and know yourself", you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
"If you know yourself but know not the enemy", for every victory gained you will also suffer defeat.
"If you know neither the enemy nor yourself", you will succumb in every battle.

**Don't feel entitled to anything you didn't sweat and struggle for.**

*Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.*

~In life, all good things come hard, but wisdom is the hardest to come by~
~*I am angry nearly every day of my life, but I have learned not to show it; and I still try to hope not to feel it, though it may take me forty years to do it. *~
@~Many argue; not many converse. @~

*"Stay" is a charming word in a loved ones vocabulary. *

Sunday, April 16, 2006

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She was born on April 13, 2006 at 7:35 A.M.....she was only 6 pounds....very little and 18 inch long. I can't put it into words yet how I feel but imma try...I have a new love since she came I never knew that I can love somebody like I know when other moms say u would have to be a mother to feel this and that way...she is soo special to me. My labor was terrible!!!! very painful but pushing her out was not that bad I did really good......I have alot on my mind but this is not the place to be posting it don't need everybody in our business like here is just about 2% of how I feel about that person who was there for me since day one even though we been through hell and heaven together we still have that bond...very special person...and to everyone else who helped out along the way like when I could not be at my house when I 1st got pregnant and was there for me thanks I needed the support.....And to another very special person..hehe thanks alot it does not matter that we became close at the end of my pregnancy but her talks really did help me...the words did hurt alot when we hated each other but somethimes u get that mad at someone even though u know ur words u post won't change what ya girl....God really got me with this lil angel she is the best thing to happen to me in my life....well Im really sick and need lots of rest so let me get off the computer.....keep posted and god bless.....

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

{{How fear can save your life}}

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If you heard there was a weapon proven to prevent most crimes before they happen, would you run out and buy it? World-renowned security expert Gavin de Becker says this weapon exists, but you already have it. He calls it "the gift of fear." I LOVE OPRAH!!! anyway...One chapter in Gavin's book "The Gift of Fear" makes you want to just peep everything from that moment you 1st started reading!!!
The story of a woman named Kelly begins with a simple warning sign. A man offers to help carry her groceries into her apartment and instantly, Kelly doesn't like the sound of his voice. Kelly goes against her gut and lets him help her and in doing so, she lets a rapist into her home.
"We get a signal prior to violence," Gavin says. "There are preincident indicators. Things that happen before violence occurs."
Gavin says that unlike any other living creature, humans will sense danger yet still walk right into it.
"You're in a hallway waiting for an elevator late at night. Elevator door opens, and there's a guy inside, and he makes you afraid. You don't know why, you don't know what it is. Some memory of this building -- whatever it may be. And many women will stand there and look at that guy and say, 'Oh, I don't want to think like that. I don't want to be the kind of person who lets the door close in his face. I've got to be nice. I don't want him to think I'm not nice.' And so human beings will get into a steel soundproof chamber with someone they're afraid of, and there's not another animal in nature that would even consider it."
For weeks, Nicole had a funny feeling that something odd was going on in her apartment. "My gut started feeling like something just wasn't right," she says. "I would come home, and there would be just weird lights on in my house lights that I didn't even remember turning on in the first place." Then one day, Nicole noticed a UPS delivery box where it shouldn't be. "I'm like, 'How did this brand of box get on my back balcony?'" Nicole began to feel uneasy -- but continued to brush it off. "I would just come home, you know, and almost feel nauseous," she says. "I kept trying to justify it saying, 'Okay, it is in my head.'"
Nicole's funny feeling eventually escalated into full-fledged panic attacks, which Gavin says were her intuition's way of telling her that something was wrong.
"And intuition records everything. So when she started getting panics attacks, her intuition is saying, basically, 'You're not going to listen? Okay, I'll ramp it up. I'll give you panic attacks. You want sleepless nights? I'll give you sleepless nights.'"
Nicole eventually did listen to her intuition, starting with a simple test. "I dropped a tank top behind the door as I was leaving for work, thinking that when I come home that night, I'm going to peek my head around the corner. If [the tank top] had been pushed to the side, it would have been obvious that the door was opened." When Nicole got home, she says the tank top had moved.
Caught on camera
The next day, Nicole says she set up a hidden camera to try and find out what was going on in her apartment. Once she came home, Nicole says she plugged the camcorder into her laptop. "And the first thing I see is this man's head peeking around the corner into my house," she says. "What I felt at that point was just complete terror. I'm sitting there watching this video --this story unfold -- and this person comes in my house, is looking around, going through my things, looking through my laundry, holding up my lingerie."
As Nicole continues to watch in horror, the intruder undresses himself and puts her lingerie on. "So this person is in my clothes, proceeds to start pleasuring himself -- just very, very graphic things happening right there in my house with my belongings. And he finishes up, takes off my clothes -- and puts them exactly back as I had left them -- puts his clothes back on, checks to make sure nobody's outside the door and leaves."
After watching the tape, Nicole says she ran around her apartment, screaming hysterically. She says she had never seen the man in the tape before. "Initially, I took my cell phone, called my boyfriend at the time, screaming hysterically. All I could say was, 'He's in my house. He's in my house.' Even picking up the phone, dialing, was difficult."
Two weeks later, police found the man -- 39-year-old Shawn Rogers, a computer consultant with a young son and a wife at the time. Police were unable to charge Rogers with anything more than trespassing ... until he came back to Nicole's apartment to steal her camera. Police were able to charge Rogers with burglary, and he was sentenced to eight years in prison.
Dangerous behavior
When Nicole found the UPS box on her balcony, Gavin says this was a warning sign. Gavin applauds Nicole for listening to her intuition and says that quieting her fear could have caused the situation to escalate. "He's already into behavior of wanting to get caught," he says. "You don't come back again and again and again and not want to get caught."
Gavin says like Nicole, the intruder's intuition was probably trying to tell him something too. "Offenders as well can see what's happening in their lives. And talk about not listening to it -- he's in someone's apartment doing something sexual with their clothes on -- that's something to listen to."
Because the intruder had a job and a family, Gavin says his behavior was not only reckless, but dangerous as well.
"When people do listen, they can stop what's almost fate," Gavin says. "There's a great line that Carl Jung said. He said, 'What we do not make conscious emerges later as fate.' If he made it conscious, if he could talk to someone about it, if he could tell someone, he could get better also. But he didn't, and it does mean escalation. If she discovered him, that's dangerous. If he came in when she was there, that's dangerous."
Your feelings are warnings
Doris, who says she endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of her husband, appeared on "The Oprah Show" after leaving her husband. Unfortunately, her battle didn't end there -- two months after she left him, Doris's ex-husband abducted her at gunpoint and raped her.
After the show, Oprah spoke with Doris again to ask if her she had sensed any warning signs the night she was abducted. "As I was coming home from work, it was just a very eerie, strange feeling as I drove up," Doris says. "It was darker than normal in my driveway, and there was a trash can sitting where I normally park right in the middle.
"I thought, 'Hmm, this is strange.' Because my mother lives with me, and she'll turn on the lights when it gets dark. It did give me a little eerie feeling -- the hairs on the back of your neck kind of stand up. But still, I didn't listen to my instincts."
Gavin says that "eerie feeling" is exactly what he wants women to pay attention to. "We're trying to analyze the warning signs," he says. "And what I really want to teach today and forever is the feeling is the warning sign. All the other stuff is our explanation for the feeling. Why it was this, why it was that. The feeling itself is the warning sign."

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


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That word can mean so many things to everybody...Its not like its something taught in schools but its something that you need to be fully aware of as a human.....I know a few people who feel that there is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship....thats all good and that may be...but i feel a little different. I think the more friends you have the more responsiblity....drama....etc. Now I know i may come off selfish but hey thats me and i wont sugar coat a damn thing to make somebody else feel at ease while im hiding the real me....smhhh Its a beautiful thing yes its like a soul just to be embedded in "two" bodies. And I do share a very in depth friendship with my fiance....He Is the best friend and all I really I do have friends but he is my bestie!!! lol We had to conquer that before the other things came in with us dating. Sometimes you may notice that some people wish to be friends with him or her and thats a quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.

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Ive been in many friendships when I was living in gainesville for college and it always ended as me the bad one...smhh calling me selfish and such...thats cool maybe im not girly like that to have a girls night or do that other bullshit girls do when they hang I dont do things that I dont want to do point blank,,,im not gonna do something just because my friend wants me to...when i want to talk ill talk and when i dont i dont...end of story. So i guess its really true when they say the friends that matter are the ones you can call 4AM....ha u better be on fire or someshit calling me that late!!! let me stop thats just being mean but you get where im going with this. ive also been told the only way to have a friend is to be one....yea thats true guess i want a friend bt not live the relationship by those the end i wonder were they even this "so called friend to me and telling me how im so selfish"because those same words can come back and bite them in the ass....cause a friend is person who knows all about you neg or postive and still likes you.....When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender true weird but true. And I hate the chameleon friends that do shit bc ur doing....basically I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod my damn shadow does that much better.. smhh ::sigh:: well I gotta get back to work people!! God Bless wish I could finish this topic...but gotta go....

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Monday, June 2, 2008


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psshhh....... When Im angry hurt or whatever it is I speak because bitin ur tongue hurts......Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret!!!! live by this.....Keeping anger inside makes the shit worst....think of it this way... Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the idea of throwing it at someone else.... you are the one who gets burned, true story...Your always the one that feels it the most. Dont you hate when you get in a fight with somebody you really care about and they just leave...the 1st thing that pops into my head {{here goes the morbid side of me lol}} is them getting in a car crash or some crazy shit....or even going to bed angry at a loved one...never go to bed upset stay up and fight get to the bottom of it...last thing you need is a rigor mortis body next to you when u get up the next day ***god for bid*** I know we all had a teacher or a anger management counsel person((not that ive ever needed anger counseling in my life hehehe)) that said..when you angry pissed or whatever write your enemies angry letters and never mail em...boy oh boy If I would have sent those I would have police kicking my damn door I use to get mad at aloottt of little shit then i sat down and was like..hmmm if a small thing has the power to move me so much, does that indicate something about my size???? Now on the other end of this anger rainbow...if we did not have anger in this world it would often continue to allow evil because it isn't angry enough. hmmmmm well i know nobody wants to hear somebody sit them down after they are ready to murk somebody and say GET ANGRY AND GET OVER IT. smhhh I would be like clear off and let me go handle this shit real quick fist clench as i try this for this month when im heated....when angry count to 4, when very angry SWEAR!!! lol well im about to get off work....god bless!!!! Stay Posted


Image and video hosting by TinyPichmmmmm....yea I came to this topic from looking at now...A PERFECT MARRIAGE TO ME WOULD BE A BLIND WIFE AND A DEAF HUSBAND...LOL [sigh] Since we don't live in lala land its so much more to it.. Yes I am engaged going on 2 half years now...I cant say it was easy for me or him but shit...boy i tell you me and him been through just about anything that can happen in a We are very strong and its needed ...We are a family now and We got saved... and now I understand that marriage works through Christ....I may not be in church every Sunday but I live by certain biblical things. I also feel that there are many things out there that try and get in between a marriage or a relationship and you have to be ready for temptation and all that.... you have to be strong enough to respect yourself for one and also respect your other half and the relationship in general. Love to me is a temporary insanity curable by marriage. I read this quotes and it made me one of those secret smiles that you do when you dont think of "Marrying for love may be a bit risky, but it is so honest that God can't help but smile on it

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Marriage is a feast where the grace is sometimes better than the dinner. If you cant see the picture I cant paint it any clearer. lol This whole marriage thing is a great invention...but so is a damn defibrillator....yeaaaa nuff said with the that...a few negative things with marriage.... as beautiful as it is of course there is a downside..smhhhhh Somebody once said on some comic stand up thing that "getting married is like a bank put in, you take out, you lose was a little funny..of course that was his own opinion..also I know yall heard this one...."A wedding is just like a funeral except that you get to smell your own flowers." yeaa really negative....well from all of this i want to leave with this.....Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without. God Bless!!!!

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