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Monday, June 23, 2008

[Beach Day]

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This weekend was so nice, We took nisey to her 1st beach trip...omg she had madd fun...dont like the sun that much but it was my tan how it my lovieface was not trying to lose his lightskin
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despite the weather we made the best of soon as we left it started to rain,,,then later took shower madd sand in places like im ten years old again lol....but the beach water makes my skin very dry had to double up on that good palmers cocobutta that day...Then We chilled by jahwhite house nice and warm lights down scary movie popcorn with peanut m&m....while it was pouring outside..took a nap and felt soo nice. Sunday was the same it was family time chilled in the house watched one of the barbie movies with denise for the 4th time in a row...Anything for her of course....Family is very important to me now it never really was before but i guess now that i have one for myself it means so much more...I love spending time with my daughter she smells like candy and baby lotion
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic nothing is more memorable than a smell...hehehe every scent gives me some form of recall or some kind of reminiscence of something...Like the smell of ackee and saltfish instant remind of living at home with my parents eating that every sunday morning...{{sigh}} anyhoot I was thinking how this environment is and how we have to fight our own government to save it...smhhhhhhhh well nature does nothing uselessly so it sucks that we kinda pollute well we do pollute...heheh sad but i think that nature is on the bottom list of the USA things to change or try to fix...i also love when its nice outside not too hot but sunny and pretty just sit back enjoy that refreshment...Thanks readers out there showing me love but dont be shy make a post instead of a private about 15 messages but all private....god bless.... about to leave work....keep posted
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Mr. Sole Mentality said...

It all about the dark skin people. Young need to sit out in that sun and

Omie said...

dont listen to ry, light skinned people rule.. even tho ii go to the beach and tan every sat/saun morning for an hr.. gotta look golden..

July 4th .. Beach Party at Las Olas.. PlanetMarz x BCoolEnt will be having our annual 4th of july bbq... also will be Chief Tone mixtape listening party..