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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I came, I saw, I conquered....OBAMA 08...HISTORY

Well Well Well...shit im Wow I still cant believe I lived to see history....well of course Ive been around for other things that will be in our children's textbooks but they were not so positive such as 9/11. Congrats America I know this was a good move. Most of the things that we see now like yesterday in the world....had been declared impossible before they were done. When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way like Obama you will command the attention of the world.....clearly proven. And i hope this history will be kind to our future...oh do i hope! We followed the light people which made us leave our old world...well i should say it made us start our departure..hehe. I would not attach to much importance to the negative and ignorant people who dont like this new shine that took place last night...its sad. I just hope we can see all that was said from his mouth that helped alter our decision to lean more to his view..I know it wont take a day but I just hope we see something..some change..I know he feels very good about what he overcame...The greater the difficulty the better the feeling is when accomlished. I know sometimes history never looks like history at time when ur living through it, but i hope this time it willlll.Like our elders always say The man who swims against the stream will always know the strength of it. well blogheads...god bless..see you soon.. I started my short stories also!! check it out negative or postive feedback who helps!!!

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The Seeker said...

History is being made, things will never be the same. How great!!!


Kianalabella said...

I'm sooo happy barack won thats my boi =)

Super Woman said...

I just love the beres hammond playing on the page

yes yes history has been made
but me being the skeptical black american from the jaded city of NY
i have no doubts in obama its the african american community and their ignorant -- "I can do whatever i want now that the president is black" -- thinking.

Danielle said...

It's definitely a great feeling being a part of history :o)

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I cant wait to tell my grandkids I was around for this

YOUNG said...

Blacks, whites, yellows, purples, all races and creeds..Do you realize that we will be in the text books for our future generations???W've finally made it to a place in life where we can truely say we are the closest we've ever been to being equal..One nation...Had to drop thru, no more ignorance and violence and foolishness people!!!We got a Black president, im sure nobody thought it was possible before Obama, its time for young black men to step up and show that we not the thugs and bangas and everything they want us to be..pick up a book or something...its grindtime, stack money..