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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beyonce and lil wayne fall...which one was worst???

This model was sooooo shame please watch this!!


NIC-KIA said...

LMAO! hahahaha that model falling was hilarious!
haaaaaa! and they played walk it out! hahahahaha!

Pro's Hood said...

lmaoooooooo this shit was hella funny... but i still think Beyonce takes the cake cuz weezy bounced like it was part of the show, the model was hella hilarious

Super Woman said...

Nelllzzzz wherres our damn story chapters

Beyonce's was hillarious. IDk but i almost died when i saw that. The model was funny because them dudes couldnt stop laughing THEN they played walk it out and she look like she was walking it out the second time iQUIT!

Nique_ Famous* said...

(LOL)!!! Beyonce looked like she dived into the stage.

(LMAO)!!! Wayne is a mess but he got up quick.

(OMG LMSAO WOW): That model took the cake.

clnmike said...


I cant choose between the model and Beyonce.

Lady Vixen said...

yep i think the model took the cake on this one. but beyonce would be second and then lil wanye.

MissNotice said...

what tha fuck lol

MissNotice said...

what tha fuck lol

Brothers Blog said...

I think beyonce's fall was worst. It look like she hit her face. But she got back up and kept doing her thing like nothing happen.

Weezy was more of a slip than fall. lol.

The model was funny as hell.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Beyonce hands down! :( lol

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

lol, B falling is that shit

Kait said...

thank you so much ...i needed that

eesha said...

i pick wayne. lol. beyonce's was too dramatical.

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